The Brewery Every State Is Most Obsessed With

Travel almost anywhere in the US, and you'll find no shortage of pride in the local brew. It doesn't matter where you are. Stop in Des Moines to say Exile can't hold a candle to Brau Brothers, and you'll find yourself in a fine donnybrook. (In this case, that may just mean having your character impugned.)

The Business Broker Network dug into that regional pride using Google Trends to find the breweries locals are most interested in. With that search data, it built a map showing the most-searched brewery in every state. It's a weird way to judge breweries. It's also entertaining and a little interesting, so here we are. 

Unsurprisingly, almost every state was looking for information on their local craft breweries. Missouri was the only state not looking for a craft brewery. The residents there were searching for Busch.

brewery in every state
Business Broker Network

Additionally, the company put together data about the most-searched types of beer in every state using Google Trends to help filter out searches that have nothing to do with the actual beer. While it's less revealing (how many people want a lager and check Google before the fridge?), it's interesting to note the prominence of pale ales and the little pockets that break out from the overall trends.

Just one state claims a saison as their "preferred" beer, and two are claiming Kolsch. Dark beers are notably absent, less the appearance of porters in North Dakota and stouts in Wisconsin. 

Business Broker Network

Now go forth and use this information to MadLibs your way through some travel. In Montana? You need a... wheat beer from... Big Sky Brewing. (If you find yourself in this very specific imaginary scenario, you're looking for a Trout Slayer.)

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