British Airways Flight Lands Almost 2 Hours Early, Thanks to Intense Winds

Imagine this: You've just finished your mashed potato chicken thing and turned on 27 Dresses for the latter half of your trans-Atlantic flight when suddenly the pilot announces that, due to unusually strong jet stream winds, you will be landing over an hour earlier than anticipated.

This could have been the story for someone aboard a ridiculously speedy British Airways flight this past weekend. British Airways passengers going from NYC to London on a Saturday-to-Sunday trip got express plane perks when, according to CNN, gale-force winds from Storm Ciara pushed their flight East at unprecedented speeds.

The flight reached a speed of over 800mph, which, by the way, is faster than the speed of sound. A ride that would usually take a bit over six hours only took four hours and 56 minutes. This means passengers could only squeeze two full rom coms into the journey, unless they chose short ones, but we're not sure at this time if they were properly warned, and so there might have been some cinematic loss there. 

A British Airways spokesperson told CNN that the airline prioritizes "safety over speed records," but that the pilots "made the most of the conditions to get customers back to London well ahead of time." Hell ya. 

By the way, if someone with a fear of flying learns how a plane works, they're much less likely to be afraid of weather conditions. That's because it's rare for winds to tip a commercial plane over --t hat wing flexing you see through the window is actually functioning like the suspension of a car, reducing the aircraft's overall movements due to wind changes. It also helps to not read stories about gale force winds shooting planes through the sky faster than you can say "we're going down," and for that, I am sorry. 

h/t Travel & Leisure

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.