This Guy Wore 8 Pants and 10 Shirts for a Flight Because Bag Fees Were Too Expensive

Above the cottage industry of airline hacks that advise on how to best save on travel, there are real geniuses doing God's work.

Take Ryan Hawaii of London, England: While trying to board a flight from Iceland back to London, the man realized he couldn't pay the exorbitant extra-baggage fee imposed by British Airways, so he took the opportunity to literally wear all of his luggage onto the aircraft -- a kind of caped crusader of the aviation world. 

Draped in his garments like a human thrift store, Hawaii attempted to board the plane last Wednesday wearing eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts. His venture was unsuccessful. Even though he dodged the 90£ ($124) fee, which he claims he couldn't afford, the airline still didn't issue him a boarding pass. Hawaii, whose real name is Ryan Carney Williams, filmed his own dispirited reaction and posted it to Twitter, as many of us do when we're quarreling with an airline's byzantine chain of command. 

Hawaii also alleged that British Airways and employees at Reykjavik's Keflavik Airport racially profiled him. Police were eventually called into the airline's desk after Hawaii refused to leave the boarding area, according to reports

To add further insult to his travel struggles, Hawaii attempted to book another flight on easyJet, but was blocked at the gate after the flight's captain learned about the previous day's incident. 

Eventually, Hawaii boarded a Norwegian Air flight back to London, presumably with less insulation between himself and the pressurized cabin air. He's also set to receive refunds from both BA and easyJet for his troubles, which really sounded like an ordeal, regardless of how many pants you have on.

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