Rio 2016

Every British Olympian Had the Same Suitcase, Which Caused This Scene

Olympians are just regular people -- except for that whole capability of achieving physical feats that only 1% of humans could even dream of. Even so, when the Olympic Games come to a close, they pack up their bags and head home just like everyone else. For members of Team Great Britain, that's no exaggeration, either -- seeing how they all had the same exact bag.

After more than 11 hours on an airplane, any traveler is sure to be weary. Then comes that whole plight of passing through customs and retrieving your bag -- darting through piles of humans to snatch your bag from piles of suitcases on the carousel, only to realize your black rolling bag isn't actually yours.

Some logistics person for Team GB clearly thought providing the same red bag to each member of the Olympic team would create unity. And it did! Unity in not knowing where the hell your bag is at Heathrow.

Great Britain ended up with the second-most gold medals and third-most medals overall in the Rio 2016 games, so it's not as if this was a somber ride home. Even so, getting to the luggage claim and spotting this scene likely didn't make anyone's day.

But if figuring at who the red bag belongs to is the worst hurdle these Olympians had to overcome, then they're having a great 2016.

H/t Deadspin

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He carried a grey carry on and a camouflage backpack to Rio. He knows better. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.