Brooklyn Brewery Launches New Non-Alcoholic Beer Variety Pack Nationwide

Here's something to drink for everyone skipping the booze this holiday.

brooklyn brewery non-alcoholic beer
Courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery
Courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery

Not drinking alcohol is lovely and an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Whether you're abstaining completely or just trying to cut back a bit, Brooklyn Brewery has you covered. The brewery is expanding its non-alcoholic options with a new variety pack that will be available to purchase nationwide.

The Special Effects Variety Pack includes three cans of the brewery's four different non-alcoholic brews, which are:

  • Special Effects Pils: a non-alcoholic version of the world's most popular beer style
  • Special Effects Hazy IPA: a beverage full of bombastic fruity hop aromas and the juicy feel of a hazy IPA
  • Special Effects Hoppy Amber: a smooth lager flavor with fresh hop notes
  • Special Effects IPA: a beverage packed with hops and a citrusy taste 

The Special Effects Pils and Hazy IPA are both new releases from Brooklyn Brewery and will be exclusively available in the variety pack. 

"With Pilsner and Hazy IPA we hope to continue in our efforts to expand the style offerings available to consumers of NA beer," Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster Garrett Oliver told Thrillist in a statement. "The options in this category have been so limited for so long and we hope to add more styles to the lineup as we continue to sharpen our production process and develop new methods for NA brewing."

The variety pack will be available for sale nationwide starting in January 2022. You can learn more about the launch at Brooklyn Brewery's website.

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