Bruce Wayne Has Eaten Chipotle for 365 Days and Has 'No Intention of Stopping'

Tiffin, Ohio resident Bruce Wayne, who sometimes cosplays as Batman (this is not going to get less bizarre), just celebrated his one-year anniversary of daily Chipotle consumption. Let's repeat that to give it the proper gravity: This brave man has been eating Chipotle for lunch or dinner for an entire revolution of Earth around the Sun.

Bruce Wayne has been documenting his journey into the stomach of darkness on his Instagram (punctuated by the occasional sunset pic and Batman logo) with 365 near-identical posts. Scrolling through the images starts to feel a bit like a comment on the human condition.

But Bruce Wayne (it's important to say his full name because it sounds like this is a parallel universe where Batman does endurance eating instead of crime fighting) has surprisingly straightforward reasons for his lifestyle. Chipotle announced that a Tiffin location of the popular burrito chain was opening, and Bruce Wayne began researching the chain's all-natural food options. What he found lined up with his diet, and he began to frequent his local Chipotle. 

"Digging even more, I found somebody who had what is the known record of 425 days and instantly decided that's me. I'm going to smash that record," Bruce Wayne told local news station WTOL

"After posting online for as long as I have, no one has stepped forward yet saying there's a record in excess of that," Bruce Wayne said in a separate interview with NBC 24. "But I have no intention of stopping at 425."

If he keeps pace, he'll set the new record on December 30.

Much like the Dark Knight, our own Bruce Wayne has had to devise elaborate ways to achieve his ends. For instance, if Chipotle is closed, he'll buy two bowls on the day before and take one home, he explained to WTOL.

The staff seems to love what he's doing, as they all wore Batman masks to celebrate his anniversary. Plus, as you can see below, they sometimes write cute notes on his bag.

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It'd probably be best to let Tiffin's own capped crusader have the last word. He's earned it.

"If you have a passion, pursue it," he told NBC 24. "Don't let people discourage you at all, pursue what you love; I have."

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