Kombucha Has Entered 2021’s Big Hard Seltzer Boom

Fermented tea gets bubbly and boozy.

Cans of raspberry hibiscus, prickly pear ginger, and grapefruit sea salt BuchaLada
PRNewsfoto/Four Corners Brewing Co.
PRNewsfoto/Four Corners Brewing Co.

Do you ever think of the time Lindsay Lohan reportedly claimed that she failed an alcohol test not because she was drinking whatever cocktails were popular in 2011 (Chocolate martinis? Something served in a “trucker” hat?), but rather because she had been sipping kombucha? No? Well, not only can you now think about that moment in celebrity history as often as we do, but you can imbibe some actually boozy kombucha, too.

Four Corners Brewing Co’s BuchaLada kombucha hard seltzer adds 4.5% alcohol by volume to the fermented tea that typically contains a negligible amount of alcohol. It also adds fruit flavor and fizzy water to the mix. 

"We've been planning and perfecting BuchaLada for several years and are excited to finally share it with everyone," Four Corners’ co-founder George Esquivel said in a statement. "As consumers gravitate to new beverages like hard seltzers, we see an opportunity to deliver a unique and elevated flavor experience. People tell us they want more flavor vs. traditional seltzer but also want reasonable calories and ABV in a beverage. BuchaLada delivers on all three through a balance of craft-brewed kombucha and bubbly, hard seltzer."

BuchaLada comes in raspberry hibiscus, prickly pear ginger, and grapefruit sea salt varieties. Twelve-ounce cans will be available in packs of four for about $10 in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the lower Rio Grande Valley later this month. 

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