Bud Light Is Promising Free Beer for an Entire City

bud light free beer super bowl

You have to feel a bit generous to buy a round of drinks for your friends. You need to be feeling awfully flush -- "I just won the lottery" flush -- to buy drinks for the whole bar. Buying beers for an entire city, even if your city is so small outsiders call it a hamlet, isn't something even worth considering. But Bud Light has done it before, and they're doing it again.

Last year, Bud Light bought beer for the city of Philadelphia after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. The beer giant did it because it lost a Twitter bet with an Eagles lineman. The stakes are similar this year, even if the reason has changed. 

On Sunday, following the second round of the NFL playoffs, Bud Light announced that the winning city will be getting beers on the house.

The details are still under wraps as we wait to see which city will hoist the Lombardi Trophy this year. However, a Bud Light representative has confirmed to Thrillist that "they'll be bringing enough beer for the whole city of whichever team wins this year's Super Bowl."

On January 20, the field will be narrowed to two teams after the New Orleans Saints play the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs host the New England Patriots, along with Tom Brady's massive jacket. If you're a fan of free beer, it's a good reason to watch the games. 

Even if it's not your favorite beer, the price is alluring. 

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.