Bud Light Is Bringing Back its Heart-Shaped Boxes for Valentine's Day

What your valentine *actually* wants.

Courtesy of Bud Light
Courtesy of Bud Light

Everyone's definition of romance is different. Maybe yours is a six-course surf and turf and champagne dinner, or maybe, a six-pack of Bud Light is all you need. For the latter camp, the ubiquitous lager maker is unleashing a heart-shaped box to gift your valentine this year. 

Chocolates may be old hat, but that doesn't mean you can't keep with the theme. Bud Light's Valentine's Day box—now back for a second year and available via Shop Beer Gear—looks like a giant version of that cheesy heart-shaped candy box your ex bought you in high school. The only difference? It can be stocked with something better. Beer.

The case, which comes scrawled with the phrase "roses are red, Bud Light is blue," can fit a dozen Buds (or frankly, whatever other beer your significant other or best friend or whoever prefers). The red, heart-shaped box retails for $30 online, but you will have to fill it with beer yourself. The beverages are sold separately. 

"Back by popular demand, the most 'loved' Valentine’s Day gift for the Bud Light lover in your life is back and available for purchase," a rep for the company told Thrillist via email. "In true Bud Light fashion, the heart shaped box is outfitted to hold 12 Bud Lights—it looks like a box of chocolates but is filled with the recipient’s favorite beer."

Snag a 12-pack, toss 'em in, and call it a day. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also stock up on other boozy merch. Some Bud Light Lover socks? A sweater coozie? Your call. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillst.