Overturned Bud Light Truck Turns Highway Into Sudsy Slip-N-Slide

An Arizona freeway was briefly treated to an impromptu beer fest earlier this week when a truckload of Bud Light overturned, dumping its haul of thousands and thousands of beer cans all across the side of the road. 

The 18-wheeler, which was traveling on route 60 outside Tempe, flipped when the driver lost control as he was rounding an onramp. Fortunately, the driver survived, though he was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The crash shut down part of the highway and caused quite a traffic snarl thanks to rubberneckers intrigued by the mysterious mess of foam-covered shiny blue cans, but that didn't prevent the Arizona Department of Transportation from bringing some levity to the situation in a tweet sent from its official account.

The highway reopened a few hours after the crash, and traffic returned to normal.

In lieu of pouring one out to honor all of the perfectly good light beer that was lost that day, don't.

h/tABC 7

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