Budweiser Is Giving Free Beer to Vaccinated People

Something you can cheers about.

budweiser vaccine deal
Shutterstock/Arthur Villator
Shutterstock/Arthur Villator

You may remember that Budweiser made a big deal about nixing its Super Bowl ad back in February. (Which is a good thing, but also its own form of advertising.) The company said it would be reallocating its Super Bowl budget to help fund COVID-19 vaccine education and awareness. 

Part of that mission will be giving out free beers to people who prove they're fully vaccinated. (That means two doses for the vaccines that require two doses.) (The goal, the company says, is to encourage "consumers to get a vaccine and do their part to contribute to a safe return to bars."

Once you're vaccinated, Budweiser will reward you -- if you're at least 21 -- with a free round of beer. Upload proof of vaccination, which can be as simple as a selfie with a vaccination sticker, to ABeerOnBud.com. You'll get hooked up with a "free round" at that point. The "free round" is a $5 virtual debit card it wants you to use on a Budweiser. The initiative looks a lot like the Sam Adams promo that kicked off on National Beer Day earlier this month. Boston Beer, maker of Sam Adams, is also offering a free round for proving you completed your vaccine. 

There are, of course, some terms and conditions. You don't have to buy anything, but you do have to be 21 and you aren't going to be able to participate if you live in Alabama, California, or Texas. The freebie will be available until May 16 or "until all prizes have been awarded." Though, it's not clear how many "prizes" are available. 

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