Budweiser's First Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Perfect for Drinking Alone

For whenever you want the taste of Budweiser, but not the alcohol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Courtesy of Budweiser.

Budweiser, in partnership with NBA legend Dwyane Wade, has just released a product that will make it easier to become a professional basketball player: non-alcoholic beer. 

The new Budweiser Zero beverage has 50 calories with zero sugar, but the company promises consumers the same "refreshing, full-flavored taste" of its alcoholic counterparts, according to a press release. Budweiser Zero is part of the brand's ongoing health initiative of encouraging people to binge drink less of its beer. The near-beer is available now in 12-pack 12oz cans and 16oz single cans, and six-packs will be coming this September.

For the record, Budweiser's not the first house party staple to release a drink with 0% ABV; Heineken introduced its first alcohol-free beer back in 2019, as low alcohol beers were becoming brewing's next big thing.

“Over the past year, we have seen hundreds of new beverage options come to market, with non-alcoholic and alcohol free beverages quickly rising in popularity,” said Monica Rustgi, Marketing VP for Budweiser. “Budweiser has an incredible opportunity to propel this movement into mainstream culture by offering a product that doesn’t compromise on the quality and taste people have come to know and love from Budweiser, a brand they trust.”

“I’m really excited to join Budweiser in bringing their first alcohol free beer to life," said Wade. "With sports making a return, this is timely as Bud Zero is a game-changer by letting athletes enjoy the taste of a refreshing beer without impacting their mental and physical game.”

If the big brands aren't your thing but you're trying to cut down on alcohol, keep in mind that craft brewers have been dipping their toes into low and non-alcoholic beers for a few years now. Or, if you're able to self-actualize, you could drink less beer.

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