Buffalo Wild Wings Made a B&B So You Can Sleep in a Restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings bed and breakfast march madness
Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

If I could have slept in the local record store while I was in high school, I would have moved in within the hour. If you have that kind of love but for Buffalo Wild Wings, it's time to start rubbing your hands together in anticipation like a supervillain.

Buffalo Wild Wings is making dreams come true for basketball fans who would live in a bar during March Madness if it was possible. Over the first 48 hours over the tournament, there are 32 games, and you could actually see them all. The bane of chicken limbs is letting four fanatics live inside a B-Dubs during those first 32 games. It's calling the two-day extravaganza BnB-Dubs. 

The pop-up bed and breakfast will make sure you never have to leave the bar for anything. Sleep, personal effects, food... it's all happening right there in front of a bunch of TVs. 

The bed and breakfast will be housed at the Lincoln Park Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicago. It's going to have bunk beds and "almost unlimited access" to wings and drinks. Hopefully, you don't have to sleep with that giant window open. 

If this sounds like your ideal situation, you can post a video on your favorite social media channel to prove why you're the "ultimate March Madness fan" along with the tag #bnbdubscontest. Your odds may not be good, but they're much better than the odds of getting to sleep in a local bar just by asking nicely and saying you're a big basketball fan.

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