Buffalo Wild Wings' New Bird Dawgs Aren't Here to Reignite the Hot Dog-Sandwich Debate

Hot dogs meet chicken sandwiches in BWW's new Bird Dawgs.

buffalo wild wings bird dawg
Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings
Courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

We may no longer be at the apex of the chicken sandwich skirmishes (because "war" is darkly dramatic), but there’s no doubt that it’s still a popular menu item and every chain wants to be the go-to.

Buffalo Wild Wings is not new to chicken sandwiches. But the world's love of new and weird items cannot be ignored, so it is launching, uh, Bird Dawgs. [Takes a deep breath.] It's a chicken tender laid in a hot dog bun, and I know what you're thinking. It's basically a hot dog, but he just said "sandwich." We're not going to do this again. I'm just calling it a sandwich. If you don't think it's a sandwich, fine. You call it a Bird Dawg. I have no problem with that. I just prefer saying sandwich to, ahem, Bird Dawg

The wing slinging chain says that the ...Bird Dawg... is a "new way to enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings’ popular chicken tenders." It says you can create your own or pick pre-styled [pulls at collar] Bird Dawg off the updated menu.

That menu includes the Loaded Bird Dawg with beer cheese and wild honey mustard. Another is dubbed the Honey BBQ Bird Dawg, which is topped with fries and Honey BBQ sauce. There’s also an all-in option with the Buffalo Bird Dawg, which hits the table topped with ranch, napa slaw, and BWW’s Medium Buffalo sauce.

Bird Dawgs don't look like the kind of Popeyes-destroying sandwich chains have tried to put out over the past few years. But maybe the arrival of this, uh, Bird Dawg will force us back into debates that are better left in the past and the new Buffalo Wild Wings sandwich will be a big hit. Maybe.

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