Buffalo Wild Wings Announced Three Menu Hacks and One Is Basically Nacho Wings

buffalo wild wings hackable
Buffalo Wild Wings | Thrillist

You may already have a good sense of how the many flavors of wings stack up at Buffalo Wild Wings, but you may not have known there are menu hacks at the chicken wing hub. Customers have been hacking the B-Dub's menu for a long time, but now the restaurant has announced a trio of flavors it's calling Hackables, a sort of sanctioned hacking of its menu.

Among the three hackable items is El Loco, which is basically just turning your paper dish of wings into a paper dish of nachos with a substitution of Chipotle BBQ wings for chips. They're nacho wings. It's an order of wings covered in a dry rub of Chipotle BBQ, queso, shredded lettuce, house-made pico de gallo, and jalepeños. 

buffalo wild wings hackables
Buffalo Wild Wings

The other two Hackables are the Vampire Slayer, wings in Spicy Garlic sauce covered in "a zig-zag" of parmesan garlic and the Dirty Bird, which are wings in Teriyaki sauce topped with cajun seasoning. 

Hackables will be an ongoing thing at Buffalo Wild Wings. The chain is currently holding a contest for employees to devise the next mash-up that will go in the Hackables series. If you're not an employee, that shouldn't stop you from crafting that genius marshmallows and green olive wing mash-up you're sure will be great. (Okay, you can't do that one since they probably aren't carrying marshmallows.) All you have to do is ask to create your own hack. Though, it's probably going to be hard to top nacho wings. 

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