This Spearfisherman's Bull Shark Attack Is 40 Seconds of Pure Terror

By now, we can all agree the rare footage of a Ghost Shark that emerged a few weeks ago is, well, creepy as hell. But it turns out video of the prehistoric, alien-like shark pales in comparison to a chilling new clip that captures the intense moments when a spearfisherman was attacked by a bull shark. 

As you can see in the brief video (shown above), a spearfisherman was mid-dive when the unprovoked predator emerges from deeper waters in a full-on attack. Fortunately, the spearfisherman notices the approaching shark and manages to fire a spear directly into its wide-open mouth, causing it to writhe and spiral back toward the bottom. The spearfisherman abandons the tethered speargun and escapes to the surface, ending the intense 40 seconds of terror.

The video was uploaded by Liquid Vision on YouTube, and includes this description: "Footage of a bullshark in North QLD Australia cruising on the edge of a channel at 20m turning then rushing and attacking a spearfisherman mid dive. Has anyone seen unprovoked aggressive behaviour like this from a bull shark before?"

The new video joins many other anxiety-inducing close calls with sharks over the years, but we'll take footage of a Great White peacefully napping over the intense attack any day.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and watching this sent his heart racing. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.