This Bulldog's Run at the Westminster Dog Show Is the Most Inspiring Thing Ever

Look, taking sports too seriously is silly, but seeing someone operate at the limits of athletic achievement can really spur you to reflect on how to become the best you that you could be. (Or just make you work out, like, even once.) And that's a great thing.

But, as inspiring as watching Olympians is, dog competitions are really the way to go if you're craving a direct injection of motivation. Specifically this video of Rudy the bulldog taking on the agility course at the Westminster Dog Show on Saturday. Watch it, watch it again, and feel raw possibility rushing through you like Rudy rushes around these obstacles.

Unfortunately, this performance wasn't enough to take the day. The top prize went to a border collie named Verb, who had a 32.05 second run. Rudy finished at 46.63 seconds, knocked up to 51.63 for some (forgivable) faults. But, as any athlete worth his or her Wheaties box will tell you, it's not about conquering the obstacle course; it's about surmounting your own internal obstacles. You know, like being a bulldog.

If you want more inspiration, the Westminster Dog Show will be airing on Monday and Tuesday from 7:30pm to 11pm on FS1.

h/t Digg, USA Today

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