Man Bungee Jumps 240 Feet to Dunk a Cookie in Tea Mug

Published On 11/17/2016 Published On 11/17/2016

There are some pretty obscure Guinness World Records out there. If you’re bold enough to devise something completely insane and execute it, you can certainly cement yourself in the annals of history, just like 24-year-old Simon Berry did when he bungee jumped from 240 feet to dunk a cookie into a mug of tea.

Berry, a native of the United Kingdom sporting a burly beard and a fierce shock of thick hair, fearlessly jumped from the dizzying height and submerged his cookie with razor-sharp precision. This is basically how superheroes eat snacks.

To document just how gnarly the feat actually is, Berry filmed his jump with a mounted head camera, so you can watch from a first-person perspective as he plummets toward his Union Jack-themed mug. Berry clasped one hand over the other to give himself greater control over the cookie, which he easily could have dropped or taken a nibble from during his descent.

He was interviewed after his jump, much in the same vein as a heroic athlete after clinching victory in a championship football game. According to The Telegraph, Berry said of his record: "It was pretty difficult - the team helped by getting me roughly in there in the right place, but going down and having to nail that cup of tea was pretty tricky.”

The previous record -- yes, this is actually a competitive sport -- was set after American Ron Jones bungee jumped from 198 feet to dunk his own cookie. But snaps are in order for Berry, who's pushing snacks into a bold, new frontier. 

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