Burger King's 2 for $6 Deal Just Got Even Cheaper

BK's mix and match promotion has been upgraded with a lower price.

Terence Toh Chin Eng/shutterstock
Terence Toh Chin Eng/shutterstock
Terence Toh Chin Eng/shutterstock

While BK may not be king of the burger -- or even in the royal family -- the cocky company deserves to brag about its deals. It gave out free Whoppers and cheeseburgers all last month and continues to regularly offer deals though the BK app. The latest? A new 2 for $5 mix and match deal.

The new promotion will replace the chain's existing 2 for $6 mix n' match deal, according to a report by Chew Boom. I'm still holding out for BK to reintroduce its 5 for $4 deal, but I'll happily settle for any discount during an economic downturn. Here are the menu items included in the deal, of which you can pick two and pay $5: 

  • Whopper
  • Original Chicken sandwich
  • Fish sandwich
  • 9-piece Chicken Fries

To get the discount, order food through the BK app or mention the deal when you order. The company didn't comment on how long you'll be able to mix 'n match, but since it's a new value option, it'll likely stick around for a while. 

Burger King's Social Distancing Whopper recently shocked the nation with an utterly vile ingredient upgrade that was intended to keep people away from you, but it was unfortunately only available in Italy. That said, you can definitely wear your mask, stay six feet away from people, and order a regular Whopper to achieve the same goal. 

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