Burger King's Cheesy Tots Are Back on the Menu, but Only for a Little While

We aren't mad about it.

burger king cheesy tots
Courtesy of Burger King

Tots are easily one of Americans' most widely adored snacks. They're crispy and gushy, salty and starchy, the perfect blend of every quality we cherish. Burger King decided its fans are deserving of a treat right now, so it's bringing back its superior Cheesy Tots for a short time to refresh our hearts and souls.

If you haven't had them before, Burger King's Cheesy Tots are pretty self-explanatory: They're breaded, crispy potato bites with melted cheese stuffed inside.

Cheesy Tots are available in 8-packs for around $2 at most participating Burger King restaurants, though prices and availability will vary by location so it never hurts to check your local store's menu before stopping in.

Fast food restaurants are really stepping up lately and even if Cheesy Tots are something we've seen before, they're worth getting excited about.

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