Wendy's Is Trolling the French Fry Sandwich Burger King Just Released

burger king fry burger
Screengrab via Burger King NZ - Edited

In early February, Burger King announced it was releasing two Chip Butty sandwiches in New Zealand. That's not really a widely consumed thing in the US, and it'd probably just be called a french fry sandwich or a frywich or, for some reason, a french fry burger even though there's no burger involved. The basic BK incarnation comes with mayo, ketchup, fries, and a sesame seed bun.

A Facebook post announcing the creations read, "We were hard at work designing new burgers when one of our chefs accidentally dropped his chips and they landed perfectly between two soft buns. It was so magnificent we decided to create the Chip Butty and the Chip Butty with bacon." The sandwich caught fire on social media on February 18. So, naturally, Wendy's trolled the rival burger-slingers because the only thing it likes more than burgers with corners is starting fights on Twitter.

The tweet was followed by Wendy's dragging BK with jokes in the replies. 

The New Zealand publication The Spinoff offered mixed reviews of the Chip Butty. Some liked it, saying, "hard to argue with mayo and sauce and salt on a snack." Others had harsher words for the sandwich. "I thought this would spoil my lunch but instead it spoiled my day... I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s not even worth $2," Josie Adams wrote. Though, the reviews tend not to have any bearing on whether or not the pigtailed chain trolls something. 

The Chip Butty is not available in the US. However, you could pretty easily construct one yourself at BK if you wanted to try it.

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