Burger King's All-New Fried Chicken Sandwich Finally Has a Nationwide Release Date

The royal burger chain took its sweet time on this thing, but the wait is nearly over.

Edited - Courtesy of Burger King
Edited - Courtesy of Burger King

If you tried to name all the fast food chains that have launched new chicken sandwiches to compete with Popeyes over the last year and a half, you'd be at it for a while. Almostevery major chainhas. One of the biggest burger peddlers in the game, however, has been notably absent from the chicken wars that have raged on and off since late 2019: Burger King. That's finally about to change.

On Wednesday, Burger King announced its new and improved fried chicken sandwich—officially dubbed the Ch'King—will arrive on the menu nationwide on June 3, which if you've counting (no? just us?), is more than a year and nine months since Popeyes first debuted its sensational chicken sandwich. Why'd it take so long? As BK puts it in a press release, "We committed to not half a**ing our sandwich, and we meant it." Well then, your highness.

While it remains to be seen if it was worth the wait, Burger King does a good job making a case for the new sandwich, which you can order three ways: the default, a spicy version, or a deluxe version. The standard Ch'King is simple—served on a toasted potato bun with pickles and a signature sauce. The Spicy Ch'King sports all of the same goods, but with a spicy glaze. Finally, the Ch'King Deluxe comes with the standard, non-spicy fried chicken as well as lettuce and tomato, but no pickles, according to the release.

Burger King claims that the crispy breading is what makes the sandwich exceptional. 

"For the last two years, we’ve been perfecting the Ch’King, asking ourselves, 'What if hand breading were to chicken what flame grilling is to burgers?' We’ve mastered the process, ensuring that every freshly hand-breaded chicken filet has a bite that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside," the chain said in a statement.

If you're a fried chicken sandwich fan, that's likely incentive enough to give the new sandwich a shot. If not, Burger King is sweetening the deal. When you order a Ch'King via the chain's website or mobile app, they'll throw in a free Whopper. You can find the deal in the "Offers" section of the BK. The deal is good from June 3-20. 

Stay tuned while we update our ranking of the best fried chicken sandwiches in all of fast food.

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