Burger King's Making a Breakfast Sandwich With Impossible’s New Plant-Based Sausage

burger king impossible foods sausage crossanwich new limited time testing
Edited - Courtesy of Burger King
Edited - Courtesy of Burger King

Impossible Foods, the maker of the wildly popular plant-based Impossible Burger, announced on Monday that it's making new meat-free pork that tastes and feels just like real pork. And one of the first ways you'll be able to try it is with Burger King's new Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich

The Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich, which joins the Impossible Whopper on BK's menu, features a meat-free "sausage" patty, a melty slice of American cheese, and fluffy scrambled eggs all sandwiched between a buttery croissant. The sandwich is rich, savory, and hearty without having any actual meat in it.

Though Burger King is solidifying its commitment to provide vegetarian-friendly options to fast food eaters, the Croissan'wich will currently only be offered at locations in a handful of markets during this initial trial run. As of now, you can find the Impossible Sausage Croissan'wich at participating Burger King locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Savannah, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; Lansing, Michigan; and Springfield, Illinois according to an Impossible Foods spokesperson. Burger King will also test the Sausage Croissan'wich with specific availability at the following locations:

  • Savannah, Georgia: January 27 to February 9
  • Lansing, Michigan: January 27 to February 9
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: January 30 to February 12
  • Bakersfield, California: February 3 to February 16
  • Montgomery, Alabama: February 13 to February 26

This is the first time Impossible has launched a product that wasn't meant to replicate ground beef. The meatless pork appears to be poised to take on Impossible's plant-based meat competitor Beyond Meat's similar sausage product, which is used in Dunkin's popular Beyond Sausage Sandwich. We're curious to see what's next in store -- perhaps Impossible chicken nuggets can be expected in the future?

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