Burger King Is Expanding Its Free Food-Filled Loyalty Program Nationwide

The Royal Perks freebies are now widely available.

Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

In February, Burger King launched a new and exciting loyalty program called Royal Perks as part of its rebrand. The program offers rewards that save guests money and offered exclusive discounts and access. Until now, however, it was only available to users in a select few cities.

Now, the app and rewards program will be available to all customers nationwide. Later this month, two-thirds of Burger Kings will be included in Royal Perks, allowing more customers than ever before to benefit from the program.

Those who enroll in the Perks program will be able to upsize one drink, fries, or hash browns in their order for free once a day, have early access to products and deals, and earn 10 "crowns" (points) for every $1 spent, including on delivery orders. And during your birthday month (yes, month, this is a brand that understands the need to feel regal), all of your points are doubled. The crowns you earn can be redeemed for menu items. It's a win-win, really.

To sign up for the program, head to Burger King's website and cash in on a perks program that Burger King says 80% of its users recommend.

"We're excited for members to unlock a more personalized BK experience and access to rewards they can't get anywhere else, starting with a new Royal Perks deal later this month," said, Ellie Doty, the chief marketing officer of Burger King, North America, in a press release.

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