Burger King Is Giving Out Free Whoppers in Exchange for a Picture of Your Ex

free whopper valentine's day
Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

Outside of Shower With a Friend Day (how did you celebrate on February 5?), Valentine's Day might be the holiday that brings out the weirdest food deals and promotions from companies trying to catch your attention. For instance, Hooters will give you free wings for shredding a photo of your ex. 

Strangely enough, Hooters isn't the only place letting you turn old photos into free food. Burger King is setting up "breakup boxes" at a handful of locations on Valentine's Day, February 14. You bring a photo of an ex, put it in the breakup box, and Burger King will hook you up with a free Whopper

It almost sounds creepy, but the fine print says Burger King will destroy the photos. So, you're not creating some awkward situation where you have to call an ex and explain how you turned a photo of them into a free burger, but then the image wound up on the internet as some sort of social media ad. The fine print says you aren't going to have to make that call. 

The boxes are a promotion with the movie Birds of Prey, so you'll see Harley Quinn all over the place when you try to land a free Whopper in New York City (327 W. 42nd St.), Los Angeles (545 North Victory Blvd.), San Francisco (35 Powell St.), or Boston (150 Everett Ave.). Those are the only cities with participating locations. The boxes are only available on February 14, except in New York, where the boxes will be up from February 14-16. Moreover, you'll be able to use letters and keepsakes in addition to photographs at the New York location.

However, BK will also have an in-app quiz for those craving a burger who aren't near one of those cities. If you get four of five questions in the quiz correct, you'll get a digital coupon for a $3 Whopper. It's a big day for burger-loving spurned lovers. 

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