Burger King Is Introducing a New Ghost Pepper Whopper This Month

Reports say that the new burger will drop in mid-October.

Just in time for Halloween, Burger King is releasing a ghastly version of its beloved Whopper. The Ghost Pepper Whopper will be released nationwide on October 13, according to Chew Boom. The burger will be launched at select Burger King locations on October 10.

The new edition of the Whopper will come with a flame-grilled Whopper patty, topped with Ghost Pepper cheese, spicy queso sauce, crispy jalapeños, and bacon, piled high into orange-colored Whopper buns. The Ghost Pepper spiciness makes it an ultra hot Whopper, but the orange buns are particularly thematic for fall. 


While Burger King has yet to announce details on pricing, it will likely vary depending on location. The @markie_devo Instagram account was the first to break the news of this spicy version of the Whopper. Upon learning about the information, one commenter wrote, "Yeah remember the last Halloween Burger I pooped colors lol."

That's certainly something to think about.

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