Burger King Wants to Put a Huge 'Home of the Whopper' Sign on Your House

Think about it. Your house has probably earned the title by now.

Burger King

I recently joked that my apartment might as well be a bakery, considering the stupid amount of sourdough bread I've been baking in quarantine. Maybe you've felt similarly about the ridiculous amount of food you've been ordering. Your house might as well be a pizzeria. Or a Starbucks. Or a Burger King. Well, it turns out it can sort of be that last one now that Burger King wants to install giant "Home of the Whopper" signs on people's homes. Really.

Burger King announced on Thursday that it will bestow the title of "Home of the Whopper" on the homes of lucky customers who place an order for delivery through the chain's mobile app. As of June 25, you'll be entered to win the objectively ridiculous piece of fast food memorabilia every time you place an order through the BK mobile app. You'll also get free delivery all summer if you win. 

The company even made a video (shown below) to prove how serious it is about the special signage.

"Since the beginning of the lockdown, Americans have been ordering a LOT of delivery. Especially from Burger King -- also known as the Home of the Whopper," a spokesperson for the royal burger chain said in an email. "But if you have a Whopper sandwich delivered to your home, doesn’t that also make your home a Home of the Whopper? For the first time, Burger King is offering guests a chance to officially make their own homes a Home of the Whopper with the signage to prove it."

So far, it's unclear how many "Home of the Whopper" signs Burger King plans to erect on homes across America, or whether the winning home owners will actually want the sizable addition to their outdoor lighting. One thing that's increasingly clear: 2020 is a weird one, folks. 

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