Burger King's New $1 Milkshakes Bring All the Boys to the Drive-Thru

"Why are there so many people on our yard?"

Courtesy of BK
Courtesy of BK
Courtesy of BK

Some fast food shakes are the reason you go to the drive-thru, like Sonic's Fresh Banana Classic, while others simply serve as mediums through which we amplify our fries. And while I'd already placed Burger King's shakes in the latter category for their masterful simplicity, the chain's newly released $1 mini shakes have just earned the chain the top fry dipping spot. 

Sorry, Wendy's, but your iconic dipping Frosty is a bit large for its primary function, and it simply isn't as cute. BK's mini shakes, which rolled out across the United States on July 6, come in 9oz cups of either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry varieties (a regular shake at BK is 16oz). That's about the amount of ketchup I go through for a large fry if I'm honest, so it's excellent for the dunking task.

According to the banner on the chain's Twitter, these mini shakes are only available for a little while, and July 10 is the last Friday of BK's free weekly medium fry deal, so hop on the opportunity to fast food actualize before we all wake from this fry dipping fever dream. 

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