Burger King's Serving 3 New Melty Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

Get your sausage, bacon, or Black Forest Ham melty sandwich today.

Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King has been on a melty menu revamping kick recently. The burger restaurant just revamped the whopper by dropping Whopper Melts nationwide this spring. Now the 'Have It Your Way' chain is breathing new life into its breakfast sandwiches with the new Cheesy Breakfast Melts.

Following the same kind of melty, toasty idea of the Whopper Melts, the Cheesy Breakfast Melts offer fans a toasted, round bread bun that cradles fluffy folded eggs, between two slices of cheese to make things extra melty. Each sandwich is completed with a meat offering of one of three varieties: sausage, bacon, or Black Forest Ham.

The new Cheesy Breakfast Melts are now available at Burger King locations nationwide. These cheesy breakfast sandwiches are going for about $3.49 a pop, but price may change a bit based on location.

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