Burger King Buys Popeyes With Whopper Price Tag of $1.8 Billion

Burger King Buys Popeyes

If your biggest gripe in life is there are too many places that won't let you have it your way, things are looking up. Burger King just purchased Popeyes.

The fried chicken chain has been acquired by Restaurant Brands International, the company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons. The price tag was a whopping $1.8 billion, the company announced Tuesday. In the deal, RBI acquires more than 2,600 Popeyes locations in 26 countries and some super sweet product placement in Little Nicky.

Popeyes will continue to be independently managed inside the U.S., but the company is looking to expand their presence internationally. Prior to the acquisition, RBI owned more than 20,000 fast food restaurants across the globe. 

What does it mean for fried chicken lovers? Not a whole lot. Popeyes will just keep being Popeyes. Maybe they explore combo stores, allowing you to grab a shrimp po'boy while your friend houses a Whopper. (Like you see with YUM!'s Taco Bell and KFC or Long John Silver's and A&W.) Or maybe they'll go off-book and start building mash-up monstrosities like KFC's Chizza that has fried chicken instead of crust. Maybe they could do a BK Stacker with shrimp? A Whopper with a side of red beans and rice? Chicken nugget po'boys?

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