Burger King Releases 'Social Distancing' Whopper With a Bold Ingredient Upgrade

Burger King is helping folks in Italy create an intolerable aroma that encourages social distancing.

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The one thing more impossible than the plant-based Whopper at Burger King is the breath of someone who orders extra onions on their burger. And now the fast food chain is using this phenomenon as a tool to encourage social distancing, with the release of an onion-heavy "Social Distancing" Whopper in Italy. 

As my Italian mother always said after we ate onions, "get away from me." There's nothing quite like the recycled stink of this malodorous vegetable, and now Burger Kings in Italy are offering three times the onions to further weaponize the food that makes grown men cry

Aside from the onions, the ingredients are the same as the original. The commercial for the new menu item presents it as "il Whopper con tripla cipolla che aiuta gli altri a starti lontano," or a "Whopper with the triple onions to help others stay away," according to Google translate. This commercial has racked up a whopping four comments on YouTube, one of which is just a vomit emoji. 

Italy was one of the countries hit the hardest by COVID-19, but now folks have stopped singing sweet ballads out of apartment windows and started living their lives again, within the bounds of our new normal. 

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