Burger King Just Added a New Sandwich to Its 2 for $10 Deal

Lunch?? Dinner?? Anyone???

Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

There's nothing wrong with a classic Whopper. It's Burger King's flagship burger for a reason, but that's not to say the fast food chain doesn't have other menu items that deserve your undivided attention. Look no further than the Sourdough King, a sandwich piled with bacon, cheese, and a grilled beef burger patty.

Now, you can get this fave as part of Burger King's 2 for $10 deal. Here's how the promo works: You get a choice of two select entrees, two small fries, and two small drinks for ten bucks. Basically, you've got more—and even better—options now. 

Here are the current 2 for $10 deal options: 

  • Single Sourdough King
  • Whopper
  • Chicken Fries
  • Original Chicken Sandwich
  • Big Fish Sandwich

The Sourdough King, which will be sticking around through April 19, boasts a quarter-pound of Burger King's flame-grilled beef, topped with thick-cut smoked bacon, two slices of American cheese, ketchup, and mayo sandwiched between two toasted sourdough slices. 

Of course, if you'd rather go the chicken nuggets route, you might want to opt for Wendy's instead. BK's competitor is serving up free 10-piece nuggets when you order via the app through March 14. If you're really feeling wild, opt for both. Lunch and dinner. Bam! Problem solved. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.