Burger King Is Unleashing a Whole New Take on Its Fan-Favorite Whopper

The menu debut has been spotted online and in select markets.

Edited — Courtesy of Burger King
Edited — Courtesy of Burger King

The Whopper is one of Burger King's most tried-and-true menu items, but just because the fast food joint has found success with its classic iteration, doesn't mean there isn't room for innovation. In fact, the chain has repeatedly introduced new takes on its signature hamburger. The Swiss 'N Shroom Whopper Melt is just the latest, Chew Boom reports.

BK is taking two flame-grilled Whopper Jr. Patties and piling them on toasted bread with layers of melty Swiss cheese, fire-roasted mushrooms, and Royal Sauce. While the company has yet to formally announce its rookie menu item, a few eagle-eyed fast food fans spotted the Whopper Melt on digital menus last week.

According to the website, "item availability varies by location," while Fast Food Post claims the Swiss 'N Shroom Whopper Melt was introduced as part of its pilot program and is only available in test markets right now. Your best bet is to hit up the website yourself and check the availability at your local chain.

The Swiss 'N Shroom Whopper Melt is available for a limited time at a suggested price of $4.69. Good luck hunting this one down. 

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