You've Got a 1 in 3 Chance of Winning Burger King's Holiday Giveaways

Courtesy of Burger King

I know we're supposed to spend the holidays acting like we're not a bunch of greedy gift monsters (I don't need anything, your friendship is enough, blah, blah, blah), but spoiler alert: that's exactly what we are. You love presents. We all do. And this year, Burger King is giving us just that: $100 million in prizes. 

The royal burger chain announced its Winter Whopperland Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes and according to the release, it's gifting customers over 50,000 instant win prizes every single day through December 31. I'm no mathematician, but those seem like pretty good odds? In fact, Burger King claims that one in three stickers will win. 

Winners can score a free trip to Costa Rica, a 2020 Jeep Renegade, a four-night stay at the Beaches Resort of your choosing, 50" Roku TVs, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro Bundles, free Redbox rentals for a year, and free Whoppers for a year. As if that weren't enough, Burger King's grande finale drawing will be... $35,000 cash.

Here's how to play: Find the stickers located on your drink (all sizes are included) or fry container and peel it off to reveal your prize or game play code. Then you'll wanna log onto the BK app or website to enter your code and redeem. You can snag instant food prizes or play for chances at an instant win one. The big ticket items will rotate day to day. 

And since you're probably not (read: should not dare) only ordering fries and a drink, sample that new Rodeo Stacker King. It's piled high with onion rings, bacon, cheese, and two kinds of sauce. It'll soften the blow if you don't win the car. 

h/t Delish

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