Burger King Is Running Out of Zesty Sauce Thanks to a Massive Horseradish Shortage

Lee Breslouer/Thrillist

I will eat anything smothered in sauce, especially if it's got kick. And while my real love affair is with that Popeyes Chicken Sandwich spicy sauceBurger King's Zesty version is a close second. Or, at least, it was.

On Wednesday, the chain confirmed news restaurants are running out, and it's not even because I ordered all of it. BK said it's experiencing a limited supply of Zesty sauce due to a global horseradish shortage. 

"We are working quickly with our suppliers to maintain continuity and keep offering our guests the zesty experience they love," a Burger King spokesperson told Thrillist. 

The world's largest horseradish producer, Silver Spring Foods, didn't harvest its crop this year as the result of an early snowfall, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported earlier this month. 

"While we've planted more horseradish than ever before, we've been unable to harvest it all on time due to the huge snow melt, a wet fall, and an early frost," Silver Spring Foods President Eric Rygg said in a statement, calling the weather a "double-whammy." 

They're not the only ones, either -- suppliers across the United States, Canada, and Europe have suffered the same effects. And now, Burger King (and it's Zesty Onion sauce-loving customers) are suffering the repercussions. 

Due to a global shortage of horseradish, a key ingredient in the Zesty Sauce, Burger King suppliers are experiencing issues with the production of dip cups," BK supplier Restaurant Services, Inc. added. "As a result, the current stock of Zesty Onion dip cups is expected to dwindle to a potential full outage by early next year. RSI is working closely with BKC and suppliers to provide alternative supply solutions to DCs until the next horseradish harvest in April 2020." 

I'm also not the only up-in-arms over the shortage. Fans are pissed: 

Please respect my privacy during this difficult time. 

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