People Say Burger King's New Black Slushie Turned Their Poop Weird Colors

burger king poop
Courtesy of Burger King - Edited
Courtesy of Burger King - Edited

Coal-black slushies are one of Burger King's Halloween specials this year. It's a Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry, and it's seriously dark. The drink has attracted an unexpected amount of attention not for its flavor, but for, uh, the impact of its dark hue. In fact, people have been heading to Burger King just to get a good look at the, umm, effects. 

Maybe people couldn't resist the intestinal challenge of an artificially black treat or maybe they remember the unique results of eating that black-bunned Whopper a couple years back. Either way, people are grabbing the cherry treat and reporting on social media that it turns your mouth intensely black. Oh, and it also turns your poop a fun color. Though, no one really agrees on a single color. People have said their results have been black, green, and even blue. Whatever the individual result, it's not on your usual spectrum of poop colors.

Asked for comment, a Burger King representative said, "For those who want to know, try it and find out."

The drink is available now through November 12 so you can get it even after Halloween. You can also grab a 10-piece order of chicken nuggets for just a buck right now. Those are just regular old chicken nuggets, though. The Scary Black Cherry comes with a side of palpable excitement before your next trip to the bathroom. (No word yet if the green sesame buns on the new Nightmare King sandwich provide a similar experience.)

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