Burger King's Disturbing New Whopper Has 8 Slices of Cheese

Courtesy of Burger King

Cheese, you will agree, is inherently good. But at what point does cheese turn from the ideal food into an abomination before the eyes of God? The answer, probably, is the amount of cheese on this new Burger King Whopper.

Call it a travesty, call it inspired, either way, the Green Bay Whopper is now available at Burger King. It's a tribute to the Green Bay Packers and, according to a report by People, has all the classic Whopper stuff, like the flame-broiled beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onions. And then there's just eight more slices of American cheese

A sandwich is all about balance. The Whopper was a beloved, established, balanced sandwich. You might think there had been some alteration to the other ingredients to maintain balance. But no. It's the same, with eight slices of cheese. 

Fortunately for those who don't live in the Green Bay area, you won't be tempted to try this. For those who do, it'll be available from November 25 and December 2 exclusively in the Green Bay area, at the standard Whopper price of $4.49.

You could also consider eating that Whopper for dogs

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