Burger King's Burger-Burrito Monstrosity, the Whopperrito, Is Launching Nationwide

Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

Weeks before Burger King unleashed Mac N' Cheetos on America's collective digestive system, the fast food chain was caught testing an even bigger stunt food item: the Whopperrito. And now, thanks to "widespread demand" from customers, the company announced Monday it is finally rolling out the beastly burger-burrito hybrid nationwide. 

Describing it as a "burger-burrito remix," Burger King said the Whopperrito will officially land at participating restaurants across the country on August 15th for a limited time. The new menu item was first spotted earlier this summer in a small Pennsylvania test market. Although the Whopperrito name makes it sound like a typical Whopper chopped up and jammed into a tortilla, the stunt food item actually packs a few surprises. 

In a press release, Burger King said the Whopperrito is made with many of the same ingredients as the namesake cheeseburger, but with a couple of exceptions. Instead of mayonnaise and cheese, it comes "smothered" with a layer of creamy queso sauce; and instead of the same old Whopper burger patties, it comes with flame-grilled burger beef that's seasoned with a blend of spices for a Tex-Mex flavor. Oh, and it comes in a tortilla instead of on a bun, of course. 

In other words, you can expect the Whopperrito to taste sort of like the original Whopper and not like the original Whopper at all. Like Mac N' Cheetos, it's basically a whole new, greasy, fast food monster.

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