You Can Make $90K at Burning Man Working for the US Government

If your resume includes things like "contributed to a temporary community of self-expression in the middle of the desert" and "thrived in a dynamic work environment with art, drugs, and nudity," then you could be uniquely qualified for a career with the US Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management -- as a full-time project manager for Burning Man. You read that right: the federal government wants to pay someone good money to work on Burning Man, and just wait 'til you see the salary range.

As detailed in the extensive online job description (pointed out on Twitter by Vox's Ezra Klein), prospective candidates can expect to make anywhere from $69,497/year to $90,344/year in the full-time, permanent position likely based in the agency's Winnemucca, NV office. Not convinced? Here's a brief summary of the job, per the listing:

"The job involves prolonged hours of sitting at a desk and working on a computer in an office environment. It also involves extensive travel by vehicle and airplane. The work environment varies from an office setting where the incumbent is in contact with work associates, to a field setting where the incumbent is working alone, in a group, in extremely remote and adverse situations." (There's also a long list of specific duties in the listing).

We're just going to go out on a limb and assume this is code for sand, music, partying, glitter, drugs, music, art, and sex... or something like that. After all, the listing makes no mention of a drug test.

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Tony Merevick is News Editor at Thrillist and thinks this would sure as hell beat working for a living. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.