Watching a Rubber Ducky Melt Feels Bizarrely Cathartic

A venerable pastime of adolescence, burning stuff -- preferably toy soldiers or anything made of plastic -- with a magnifying glass is something all misbehaved children try at some point. But the hedonists over at Macro Room have perfected the craft, using a blowtorch to melt literally everything from a rubber ducky, to a calculator to a computer keyboard, and then some.  

As the video’s description admits, watching stuff whither to a molten stew is freakin’ satisfying. While you watch, think about the faulty coffee machine at your office, or the printer that perennially crapped out when you needed it the most. Then imagine burning it while a warm blanket of catharsis envelopes your soul.


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Sam Blum is a Staff Writer at Thrillist. He isn't that into burning stuff and feels kind of bad for that rubber ducky. He's on twitter @Blumnessmonster.