Busch Wants to Hire Your Pup to Taste Its Dog Brew & It Pays $20,000

That BarkBox subscription isn't paying itself.

Courtesy of Busch
Courtesy of Busch

It's about time Fido starts pulling his weight in the family, don't you think? Those kibble and bone bills aren't going to pay themselves, not to mention that BarkBox subscription he puppy eyed his way into. Thankfully, Busch wants to put your good boy to work. 

Following last year's Busch Dog Brew launch, the beer maker is on the hunt for a canine Chief Tasting Officer to help with the flavor portfolio expansion. Here's the best part: it pays—and not some measly salary either. A whopping $20,000 plus pet insurance and even stock options (the pork bone broth variety, that is). 

"The reaction to Busch Dog Brew’s release last year was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we had a big challenge in Year 2 to keep the momentum going. So to expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert in the space on our team,” VP of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch Daniel Blake said in a statement. "We’re excited to give one qualified canine a real, paying job and to tap into their insider knowledge of our target consumer to expand Busch Dog Brew in2021!"

Your four-legged child is going to have actual responsibilities, though. CTO duties include taste-testing, quality control, and role as Busch ambassador. 

"In order to fetch this position, some qualifications include a refined palate, an outstanding sense of smell, and while not required, proficiency in english would be remarkable." 

Think your pup's got it? You can apply by posting a picture of your dog to social—along with his or her qualifications, of course—and tag #BuschCTOcontest. You can also hit up the site directly and apply that way. The contest ends on April 28.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.