Busch Light Created the Outdoor Coworking Space of Your Dreams

You've heard about WeWork, but what about TreeWork?

Courtesy of Busch Light
Courtesy of Busch Light

The world of work is changing. Some people still go into a physical workplace, and then there are coworking spaces, like WeWork. Some people just work from home, moving from desk to kitchen table to sofa multiple times each day. But even as work continues to evolve, there aren't many people who are getting to live the ultimate dream, working outside.

This is where Busch Light comes in. The company has created "the optimal outdoor coworking space," according to a press release. Located in the woodlands of Colorado, TreeWork was designed to help workers feel the positive benefits of working outdoors. The beer company created the space based on research by OnePoll that found that spending 29 minutes outdoors can increase productivity by 45%.

TreeWork seems more like an outdoor paradise than a place to respond to emails, with ventilated office space, strong Wi-Fi, happy hours fueled by Busch Light, on-site grills, and campfires, all laid out in the beautiful Colorado wilderness.

"As the beer brewed for the great outdoors, we knew we had a chance to step in and create a coworking space that leverages the beauty of nature to help alleviate some of the stress and fatigue that have been impacting all of us," said Group Vice President of Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch Daniel Blake in a press release.

If you're interested in working at TreeWork, you can head to busch.com/treework to enter your information to reserve a spot for one to two days between October 4 and October 8. Working at TreeWork is free and includes all the amenities on the site, but you'll have to make your way to Colorado yourself.

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