This Is the Busiest Day of the Week for Grocery Deliveries in New York City

New data from a grocery delivery service shows that many of us are getting our shopping done on the same day, at around the same time.


There's a delivery service for nearly everything these days, and in the case of groceries, there are countless options. One of the newer companies in the US, Gorillas, is celebrating one year of operating in New York City by looking at order data and telling us about ourselves.

Shopping behavior is different depending on where you live, even if the common denominator is that you are having your groceries delivered. Gorillas serves 60 cities in nine countries. The US joined France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, the UK, and Spain. One commonality, though?

Everyone seems to want to get their groceries delivered at the same time of the week. According to Gorillas' NYC data and international data, the most common time customers have groceries delivered is at 7 pm on Sundays.

If you were to guess the busiest day for delivery of grocery orders in New York, a safe bet would be the Super Bowl. Everything in the US seems to be the busiest for the Super Bowl. But in the case of Gorillas customers, you'd lose. The busiest day in the last year was actually the Grammy Awards in 2022. Comparatively, in Italy and the Netherlands, the busiest grocery delivery days align with national soccer matches.

Here's some more data that will surely guarantee you're the most entertaining person at the next dinner party you attend.

  • Upper West Side shoppers bought 100% more condoms than Upper East Side shoppers.
  • Lower East Side shoppers order the most alcohol, with one in 10 orders containing alcohol.
  • The neighborhoods with the most coffee orders are Downtown Brooklyn, followed by Bushwick, Bed Stuy, Williamsburg, and the Upper West Side.
  • New Yorkers are 111% more likely to have ice cream delivered to their homes compared to pizza.
  • There were 375% more orders for cat food deliveries in Queens compared to dog food.
  • Brooklyn shoppers tip an average of 20% more compared to other boroughs.

The main takeaway from all this information is that we could all follow Brooklyn's example and become better tippers, there might be a greater selection from grocery stores if you don't shop on Sundays, and Grammy watch parties are back.

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