Butter Sushi Is Now a Real Thing. Thanks Japan.

Published On 10/24/2015 Published On 10/24/2015

If you are anything like me, you do enjoy sushi, but resent the fact that there's not a big slab of fatty, melted butter atop of your roll of choice. Well, thanks to ever-interesting Japanese ingenuity, my dairy-soaked dream is now snack-able reality.

Japanese-reporting site RocketNews24 reports that the upscale eatery Jinen has been serving "unagi butter sushi," and it has captured that crazy Japanese imagination in a big way -- making the roll a sensation in the island nation (I swear I didn't mean to rhyme that hard right there).

The roll consists of a minute pile of sushi rice, a strip of unagi -- grilled freshwater eel -- topped with the trademark slab of fresh butter, tethered to the roll with a strip of nori. Obviously, you want to see what this culinary amalgamation looks like, so let's pass the baton to some adventurous social media goers who have taken the liberty of documenting the butter sushi experience.

Overall, the unique piece of Japanese culture seems weird, delicious, fatty, and overall maybe a little unsettling -- which actually pretty much sums up my average weekend. At any rate, we should probably expect to see some riffing on this dish stateside, sometime in the near future; if there's one thing Americans love more than putting their own unique stamps onto foreign innovations, it's eating big slabs of butter.



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