Here's Everything You Should Have Done By Age 35 According to This New Meme

by age 35 meme - Edited

Over the last week, you may have been confused by asinine advice about what you should have accomplished by age 35. It's a meme based on a Marketwatch article that is basically 2018's version of "millennials can't buy houses because they buy so much avocado toast."

The Marketwatch article asserts that by the time you're 35 you should have saved twice your annual salary. If the math is confusing there, it's your salary but, like, two of it.

The article was originally published in early January, but it was a May re-promotion of the story that started the fire, according to Know Your Meme. The article contains lots of financial advice, but the May tweet from Marketwatch focused on the savings advice.

Some have responded to the tweet saying there aren't many people that could legitimately take this advice. As often happens on social media, incredulity gave way to ridicule. Others began offering advice about what other milestones you need to accomplish before you turn 35. It's quite helpful.

To be fair, the advice from Fidelity Investments acknowledges that's a damn difficult goal and nods toward the fact that it's simply impossible for many. It also acknowledges that many people in and around their 30s are "plagued with crippling student debt."

Still, most people have a better chance of stockpiling twice their salary in tweets than that other thing. 

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