Summer Lovin' Bear Wanders Into Hot Tub, Enjoys Margarita, Chills Extremely Hard

Imagine you're a bear and you want to chill hard. It's blazing hot outside -- and remember, you're a bear -- so you decide to find a cool, relaxing body of water to soak your fur.

A very chill bear in Altadena, California managed to succeed remarkably in its efforts to enjoy summer in exactly this manner. Mark Hough was hanging out in his backyard enjoying a margarita when the bear wandered onto the premises. Hough kept his distance, but the bear only had chilling on its mind. It quickly slid into the jacuzzi, which was kept at a cool temperature, and proceeded to relish the good vibes.

Hough filmed the extremely chill bear hang out in the hot tub, living its best summertime life. The bear splashes around. It drinks from the pool and dunks its head. It even eats some flowers. Hough described the bear's afternoon as a "grand old time," according to the Associated Press.

Although Hough stopped filming around this time, the bear wasn't finished partying: Hough says it "popped out of the bushes, walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it."

Very chill bear, very chill.

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