California Pizza Kitchen's New Meal Deal Let's You be the Chef

Get a take-home pizza for just $8 when you purchase an entree.

Courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

People love pizza. So much so that they're always thinking of new and inventive ways to make it, and California Pizza Kitchen is no exception. Last week the company dropped the all-new Two Meal Deal.

Any dine-in customer will have the opportunity of taking home a pizza for just $8 with any entree purchased. The pies are take-home and bake, which means there's no need to worry about how to keep the pizza appetizing in transit. Even better, each pizza is ready to eat in just seven minutes from table to oven.

The take-home pizzas are available in nearly 30 varieties, including the brand's most popular options like the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage, Thai Chicken Pizza, The Works, and more. In addition, all Take & Bake pizzas are available with CPK's hand-tossed dough or gluten-free cauliflower crust.

According to Jim Hyatt, CEO of California Pizza Kitchen, the new take-home pizzas are just as good as the ones you get in the shop because they're made from the same ingredients. "Our guests want the same high quality California-inspired food they'd expect at one of our restaurants when they take home CPK, and Take & Bake delivers," he says. The take-home pizzas use the same great ingredients to create all pizzas served in-house at CPK.

"We think we've got the world's best tasting take-home pizza and we're excited to share it with our guests through our new Two Meal Deal promotional offer," Hyatt adds. If you're looking forward to feeling like a CPK chef in your own kitchen, great news, there is no foreseeable end date to the new Two Meal Deal. 

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