Win $5,000 from Calm for Using Your Most Soothing Voice on TikTok

The Calm app is currently having the World’s Most Soothing Voice Sweepstakes.

Have you ever heard a voice so soothing that you could just fall asleep? Maybe that of Morgan Freeman or Sir David Attenborough could soothe you right into a blissful slumber. Well, if you've ever had the feeling that your voice could put anyone to sleep, much like the teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the folks over at Calm are looking for its next super soothing voice through its World's Most Soothing Voice #NextVoiceofCalm sweepstakes.

Calm is a mental wellness app that produces meditation products, including guided meditations and sleep stories. Per an email to Thrillist, the wellness app says it is looking to execute a current "trend helping adults settle their minds after a busy day through bedtime stories." With the app's new sweepstakes, Calm fans can not only become the next voice of Calm but also win a $5,000 cash prize.

Entering is incredibly easy. Via TikTok, all users have to do is duet this video by reciting something original—daily affirmations, the last text you sent to a friend, or even your grocery store list—in your most soothing voice. Before you post your video to TikTok, though, make sure that the video is no longer than 60 seconds, you include #NextVoiceofCalm in your caption, and you follow @Calm on TikTok.

Participants will also want to have their video in by May 13, which is the last day of the sweepstakes. After that, the winner will be announced and will win $5,000 on June 7. Then, this summer, the winner will record their Calm Sleep Story, which will be available globally in the Calm app this fall. 

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