What It’s Like To Run a Booze-Filled Adult Summer Camp for a Living

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As the halcyon days of youth bite the dust, some of childhood's most beloved fixtures, like summer camp, become totally out of reach. But not when you're Adam Tichauer, the founder and "Head Camper" of Camp No Counselors, a boozy weekend summer camp meant strictly for adults. Tichauer welcomed Thrillist to his office for the latest episode of the new "Job Goals" series on Facebook Watch, and explained how he gets to play a professional kid for a living. 

"Those people who work such long and hours and who have such serious, important jobs really get to be the opposite of that when they're here," he said. "There's not a care in the world."

Tichauer's day-to-day involves the coordination of various activities -- slip 'n slides, dodge ball, talent shows, campfires, crafts -- albeit with a grown-up twist. Given the responsibilities of his post, he gets a kick out of seeing "adults regress back into being kids and just being silly and playing again."

For his part, Tichauer gladly joins in on the festivities. You might find him on the kickball field or gliding across the slip 'n slide, often with a beer in his hand. He says some of the campers get tuckered out after a full day of running around the bucolic campground outside of Los Angeles, but when you've got a shimmering lake and rosé in full supply, decompressing is never an issue.   

Despite all the care-free vibes, Camp No Counselors hasn't grown into a sprawling network of camps with locations throughout North America without a fair share of work. Tichauer says everyone who works at the camp is "focused and driven and career-oriented," especially during the extensive planning process before camp starts. The goal, he says, is "to make sure that the campers don't know that all of this magic that's occurring has actually been planned by us."

Tichauer doesn't just see his job as merely a facilitator of fun, but as someone who can extend a kind of therapeutic escape to overworked adults. He, too, used to be tethered to a desk job, but after starting the camp over three years ago as a getaway for his friends, he realized that making it a full-time vocation was the way to go. And it's certainly paid dividends: "On a very regular basis, we kind of pinch ourselves that this is our reality, that we get to create memories and friendships on a weekly basis for so many people," he says.

And because Camp No Counselors sounds like an ideal adventure for anyone with a pulse, feel free to plan your own visit so you can see Tichauer perform what he calls "the best job ever."

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Sam Blum was once a lifeguard at a summer camp. He remembers it fondly. Follow him @Blumnessmonster.