Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

It's a question as old as sex itself: ...wait, that's not true. Otherwise, none of us would be here, and there's no way whatever toads we evolved from talked about this.

But since the sexual revolution of the 20th century led into the likes of Tinder and the 21st century, the question lingers: can men and women just be friends? The YouTube channel Simple Pickup took to the streets (as opposed to... the waterways? Airspace?) to poll a smattering of men and women to see what they thought on the subject.

"What percentage of guys... single guys in your phone would say yes to just having sex casually with you?" host Kong asks.

"A hundred," an unnamed woman says, "and some women, too."

"I'd probably have sex with 95% of the girls in my phone," another guy says. "The other 5% being family or something."

The video additionally delves into a few other personal questions, particularly the particulars of the friend zone.

"Let's say you put a guy into the friend zone," Kong says to one woman. "Is it possible for him to ever escape that?"

Her non-response says as much as any response.

Now, consider that Simple Pickup makes its money by teaching people how to improve their romantic lives. So of course, there's something at stake here, in terms of how the men and women offer heteronormative replies.

Still, it's a good question, and the very least, an entertaining 4 minutes of answers.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He has friends who are women. If they wanted to have sex with him, they probably would. Right? Follow him @ryanrcraggs.